Ring Ding Dong

Let’s start this blog off right —- with SHINee!

In all seriousness though, hello and welcome!

This is (hopefully) going to be my successful attempt at a travel blog. Very soon I’ll be heading for Daejeon, South Korea — get it? “Oh Happy *Dae*”? *crickets* Anyone? Bueller? No? Okay moving on then.

I’m going to be teaching English through the EPIK program. At this point I don’t actually know what level I’ll be teaching. I’m patiently (haha) waiting for my contract so that I can get the final steps underway. For the time being I’m resigning myself to reading books on Korea and teaching, and trying not to psyche myself out.

So what can you, dear reader, expect to find here? Well who knows? I plan to post whatever seems interesting, not to mention posts about my fangirl-y ways when it comes to Kpop (Korean pop). Don’t know about kpop? Watch the video above and you are only scratching the surface of the kpop world of idols.

Feel free to post questions, comments, or requests. At the moment I’m still in the U.S. so there won’t be any travel/living in Korea posts quite yet. I will be setting up a YouTube account as well so that I can start vlogging.

Nice to meet you all & I hope you’ll stick around. πŸ™‚