EPIK orientation: It begins

EPIK orientation exceeded my expectations for sure. I actually miss it in a way.  I had a great class and, for the most part, the lectures were fairly interesting.

Let’s go back to the start.

I arrived quite tired at Incheon Airport on Thursday after about 14 hours of total flight time. Not as bad as some other flights but still a bit too long for my liking. My recruiter met me at the exit and led me over to where EPIK people were gathering. We had a 4 hour bus ride to the orientation site in Jeonju. Didn’t take too long for the others and myself to fall asleep. Once we arrived the girl next to me had to none-too-gently nudge me twice before I properly woke up.

Once we were at Jeonju University we all checked-in, got our manuals & goodies (towel, alarm clock, and a pretty nice hoodie), and went to our rooms. For dorm rooms they were pretty nice (if you wanna see head over to my YouTube channel). My roommate was quite nice as well.

Jeonju Uni cafeteria

Friday was out medical check. It was pretty standard stuff – height, weight, eye exam, blood test, hearing test, chest X-ray, and urine test.  That last one though… we were all just given paper cups (think Dixie cups) and just had to go ahead. No covers or anything! Just… go and then give it to the lab people. Wow.

The rest of the week was taken up with lectures. 2 in the morning, 2 in the afternoon, and some Korean language classes in the evening. On Monday we got to visit Jeonju Hanok village, a traditional village with some neat stuff like the cultural center, cathedral, a market, and a paper maker. At the end of the week we also had to do a mock lesson. My partner and I got voted the best lesson, and we won a calling card!


My class was made up of almost all the people who were headed to Daejeon. I think we had the best class personally J Everyone is very friendly and supportive. All-in-all a very good experience.

If any of you future EPIK-ers are headed to Jeonju University for orientation then I suggest going to the “lantern bar”. We never did find out the real name, but everyone called it that because of the lanterns on the outside.

"Lantern bar"


Also don’t be afraid to skip the cafeteria food and walk in the neighborhood for some grub. I personally really liked Sinpo Woori Mandoo, and I believe people went to Couple Toast fairly often.

Onward to Daejeon!