Eat Me

One of my favorite restaurants in Daejeon, thus far, is Eat Me near Time World Galleria. It’s an Italian restaurant located on the 2nd floor of a building, about a stone’s throw away from Yellow Taxi (one of several bars used as the hangout for foreigners).

Practically begging you to eat!

The decor and layout are quite simple which I don’t mind. It’s also somewhat small, so if you don’t get there early enough you may have to wait for a bit. Dishes range from about 8,000 to 13,000 won. If you really want to go all out the Rib Eye Steak goes for 31,000; however, it’s a full meal. You get soup, a sampler salad plate (with things such as gorgonzola cheese, salmon, and lettuce), and then your steak served on top of a grilled onion.

Though I haven’t had many dishes yet, everything I’d had was absolutely delicious. This past week I had the Chicken Caeser Salad which was like a mountain on my plate. I also ordered the Gorgonzola pasta: cheese and cream sauce with pancetta thrown in. I was quite full, but very satisfied.

Simple, but nice decor

Large windows overlooking the busy bar-lined street.

If you want to give Eat Me a try it’s not too hard to find. Starting from Time World Galleria (the corner main entrance) walk right toward Paris Baguette. Turn left at the 1st street (go across the street) and walk all the way to the end. The building is on the corner on your right and Eat Me is on the 2nd floor. The stairs leading up are around the corner of the building.

Map to Eat Me

Buon appetito!

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