Idol sighting! B1A4 fansign in Daejeon

I was walking around Eunhengdong this past Sunday, and happened to see a large-ish crowd of girls. Walking closer I heard a familiar song blaring from speakers and a small stage set up. All signs point to one thing: idols! I scurried over and saw it was B1A4. They’re one of the newer idol groups, debuting just under 2 months ago with their song “OK!”. Lucky me I had my camera on me that day.



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I actually like their single. Yeah it’s a bit cheesy (like much of K-pop), but it’s catchy and fun. I’ve only managed to remember 2 of their names so far, but who knows? Maybe I’ll become a bigger fan as they release more songs. I wonder what their fanclub name will turn out to be? If the track record of other groups means anything, it’ll be… well “creative” I suppose could be the word for it.

B1A4 Official Website






It’s alive!!

Before coming to Korea, if there’s one food I swore I wouldn’t eat it would definitely have to be sannakji. Sannakji (산낙지 — “nakji” meaning “a small octopus”) is raw octopus that is cut into small pieces and served immediately. Here’s the kicker — it may be dead, but it still moves! It can also be served whole and it usually served with a dipping sauce like sesame oil.

Lovely beach

During a weekend in Busan in April my friends convinced me that we just *had* to partake in this dish. I wavered, but curiosity got the better of me. I’m not one to back down from a challenge, and I actually enjoy trying unusual foods. I mean, c’mon, I’m the girl who has tried a Krispy Kreme cheese burger, chocolate covered bacon, and deep-fried Oreos (FYI the burger/Oreos = awesome, bacon = ugh no).

We almost didn’t ended up buying it because the woman in the store wanted 30,000 won for the octopi and then another 10,000 for eating it in the restaurant. As we walked out though we struck a deal: 20,000 for the octopi and we could take it to go. Not much later, there we were at Gwangalli beach eating the still squirming dish. Despite the lack of dipping oil it was decent. I think I would try it again!

We even shared a bit with the [giant] ants scurrying around us. πŸ™‚

Walk in Banpo

The weather today was absolutely gorgeous, so I went on a walk to the market with a couple co-workers. Now, my workplace is on the outskirts of Daejeon, technically in Gongju. There’s a small village at the bottom of the hill our workplace is on, and the nearest market is a 25-30 minute walk. We couldn’t resist though! Felt nice to stretch our legs even if it was a bit warm today.

Spotted these couches under the underpass. Comfy way to wait for the bus I guess!

Hello, little sprouts!