Idol sighting! B1A4 fansign in Daejeon

I was walking around Eunhengdong this past Sunday, and happened to see a large-ish crowd of girls. Walking closer I heard a familiar song blaring from speakers and a small stage set up. All signs point to one thing: idols! I scurried over and saw it was B1A4. They’re one of the newer idol groups, debuting just under 2 months ago with their song “OK!”. Lucky me I had my camera on me that day.



*Please don’t repost these without permission

I actually like their single. Yeah it’s a bit cheesy (like much of K-pop), but it’s catchy and fun. I’ve only managed to remember 2 of their names so far, but who knows? Maybe I’ll become a bigger fan as they release more songs. I wonder what their fanclub name will turn out to be? If the track record of other groups means anything, it’ll be… well “creative” I suppose could be the word for it.

B1A4 Official Website






2 thoughts on “Idol sighting! B1A4 fansign in Daejeon

    • I think it’s different for different groups. Some are only open to fanclub members. Some are a lottery system. I think a lot of the time, at least when they happen at CD stores, you have to go early and buy their CD. Then you either get a ticket in or maybe a lottery system happens.

      If you’re a foreigner you might just get lucky. My friend’s sister went to a U-KISS fansign the other week. She didn’t know how event worked, but I think they just let her in because she was a lost-looking foreigner haha.

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