Where I Work

Every time I explain where I work and what I do I get all kinds of looks, and I’m told I work in “that crazy place/school”. I also get asked, “How did you end up there?”. I really have no idea. Luck or something I suppose.

My friend Kelan is the first to tease me about my job. At the end of EPIK training everyone gets a packet with their school assignment. One of the previous teachers here contacted me before training and told me I may end up where he was. Out of curiosity, I tried to find any information about the place. Only one bit of info in English existed and believe me it was not a good report. However, this is proof that you should take things on the internet with a grain of salt. Anyway, when I got that info packet at training I almost started crying. That old report I had read did not paint a pretty picture and I was terrified I would hate my job. Oh me of little faith.

Cut to July and I really do enjoy my job. I work with great people which makes all the difference. Yeah, I don’t get the variety I would like, but it gives me less planning and more free time (well, sometimes… it varies). So I guess what I want to say is a) don’t believe everything you read on the internet and b) don’t worry too much about the school you’re going too. Chances are you’ll end up worrying over nothing like me.


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