10th Chin Chin Star Festival

Last Saturday the Chin Chin Star Festival hosted by CMB was held in Daejeon. Thanks to my friend and dedicated U-KISS fan – a.k.a. Kiss Mes – Rebecca (check out her blog A Blog Abroad in the sidebar) I found out about this event. How lucky am I! It was held right by City Hall, so it’s really close to my place.

It was supposed to start at 7 PM, but my friend Ray and I rolled up around 5 because I knew if idols were performing then surely the place would fill up. We didn’t really know if we needed a ticket, so we wandered around for a little trying to figure it out. We walked up to a girl who we assumed was staff and tried to convey what we wanted. Turns out she spoke excellent English with no accent (honestly that kind of thing is a surprise). She told us it was free, so we got pretty decent seats not too far from the front.

The Chin Chin Star Festival isn’t just a chance for idols to perform, but it’s also a competition for singers/performers who dream of making it big. All of the singers were amazing, and it turns out the girl who helped us was one of them! Not only was she a great singer, but she’s only 14! O.o I was kind of shocked.

Between competitors we got to see famous groups like: Boohwal, Koyote, No Brain, Sunny Hill, Sistar, IU, and U-KISS. It was really cool seeing all of these people live. Β I had a great time watching everyone – famous or not. πŸ™‚