Bounce! Bounce!

Well, I did somewhat promise photos from the JJ Project fan sign that I went to, so here I am.

In terms of getting in, it’s like I wrote in the previous post: Buy a CD, get into a lotto, if they pick your name you show up with your CD at the event. I didn’t really doubt that Michelle and I would get in. Daejeon is big, but not that big.

We showed up at the outdoor site in which JR and JB were on stage, and the fans were sitting in lawn chairs. I got there late because of work, so I was at the end of the line. The whole thing is pretty efficient. They let you up row by row, and everyone waits for their turn. You don’t get tons of time to talk – maybe 2-3 minutes tops. You can give gifts, but members don’t usually get time to look at it right away for more than a glance. The event staff whisked all gifts and put them into boxes.

It was my first fan sign, so I was somewhat nervous. My Korean is okay, but I get shy when I have to speak. It was fine though, and the boys tried to speak English as well.

I wish I had been a little closer so I could’ve gotten better photos, but it was still good. I guess the secret is to show up early so I can get a closer seat.

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