What do you want to see?

Hello, lovely people. ‘Tis I, Janelle.

I have a bit of a conundrum. You see, I’m a pretty casual blogger, as you can probably tell from how frequently I update. But I’m always trying to drum up some initiative to make more blog posts or interesting videos. Unfortunately I’m always at a loss what topics I should cover. For example, I have a strong interest in K-pop, but I feel like people like Simon & Martina at Eat Your Kimchi have that pretty well covered. And there’s plenty of very excellent food blogs, and Qiranger is just awesome all around.

So basically what I’m asking all y’all out on the Internet is: What do you want to see from me? What sort of topics interesting (mainly relating to Korea, but I’m open to other suggestions). Food/coffee? Fashion/make-up? Dramas? Travel?

I’ll do my best to tackle your question or topic if I’m able. I’m not in Seoul, so it’s not easy for me to get to music shows or much in terms of K-pop performances, but those are things I’d want to cover as well.

Anyway, please leave me a comment or hit me up on twitter with suggestions. I really appreciate it you guys!


Also, I’m lucky enough to be going to SeoulTube on Saturday. It’s the first event that is backed by YouTube. You may (or may not) remember I went to a few SeoulTube gathering before, but those were run by local vloggers. I only skimmed over the info, but I believe Eat Your Kimchi will be there, as well as Sun Hyunwoo from Talk To Me In Korean. I’m hoping to learn from them and plenty of other vloggers, so I can step up my game a bit. I’ll make sure to take some photos and videos — and hopefully I won’t oversleep and miss my train and end up missing the whole thing… oh dear.