SISTAR in Daejeon

Couple weeks ago there was a mini concert in Daejeon sponsored by Hana Bank. Sistar, DJ DOC, Huh Gak, and 2AM all came to perform as well as a few local folks. I do have some pictures and videos for the other folks, but for now this is a SISTAR post. πŸ™‚

I saw them once before in Daejeon at the Chin Chin Star Festival. That was also the festival that Park Jimin of 15& won before she went on Kpop Star (my post of it is hereΒ – I did have one pic of Jimin but it’s not in the post for some reason. :\ ). Side story/fun fact: Jimin actually helped me friend and I out perform that concert. We were sort of confused as to where to go and a little lost, and in perfect English she’s all “Hey do you need some help?”. So thanks for the help, Jimin!

Anyway back to Sistar. They performed 4 songs – Give It To Me, Loving U, Alone, and Ma Boy. Major props to them because it was already so dang hot that night, and they were performing under those hot lights on top of that. Check out 2 of the songs here ~

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