Make-up Giveaway Winners

Hello all!

I finally picked 2 winners for my 1st giveaway.

I used Raffle Kingย to pick the names. The winners are —

*drum roll*

Mintymilky and Maria!

I will contact the winners and we’ll set things up so I can send these off. Busy several days ahead what with work things and I’m going home in about a week (yay!). Thank you for all for participated. I’m already trying to set up my next giveaway so stay tuned!

F.T. Island fan sign

I sure lucked out with fan signs recently! I managed to win the lottery for FT Island’s fan sign a couple weeks back. I always rather liked FTI, ever since “Bing Bing Bing” (‘Cross & Change’ is still a really good album btw).

It was held at the Christian Broadcasting Center in Daejeon (which is why Hongki was saying “Amen amen” in my fan cam haha). It was a nice space and I was happy to not be outside. I don’t know if groups have fan events outside these days, but they do during summer. I prefer indoors. ๐Ÿ˜›

Anyway they didn’t make us wait to long once we were inside. I managed to get there early enough to be in the 2nd row. We were all waiting for the boys to come out and the girl next to me nudges me and points to a door on the stage. A blond head was peeking through the doorway. Lots of squeals ensue, but as Hongki walked alone onstage he shushed everyone. Everyone is sort of giggling and muffling their happy squealy noises. Hongki just sat down quietly, smirking a bit. Still lots of giggling and camera shutter sounds as we wait for the rest of FTI. The other came out shortly after.

They talked a little at the start and the fan sign got under way. Not long into it the staff told us to stop talking pictures. I didn’t know why at first and thought it was really weird because usually no one cares. It turned out FNC was filming stuff for their YouTube channel so they probably didn’t want interference with that. Fair enough. It was annoying though because Hongki and Jaejin were wearing bunny ears and I wanted to get a good shot. ใ… ใ…  ย I’m sure there are Primadonnas out there that got some better shots than me though.

All of the members were nice. I was in such a kind of awe and shock seeing them in front of me that I honestly forgot how to speak. I barely managed to get out simple English. Actually I was so nervous in front of Hongki. I said “Thank you very much” and he kinda laughed, turned to Jonghoon and repeated “Thank you very much”. ย ใ… ใ…  Hongki… don’t make fun of me.

I regret not being able to really say anything to them. But nonetheless I enjoyed the event. I liked that the members seemed relaxed and easy to approach. I like that they actually looked at fans’ gifts and played with them. I liked that the managers/staff didn’t take off the gifts they wore like the bunny ears, necklace, and the beret. I liked that they talked a lot at the end. Usually groups are so busy that they just say “Thanks” and kind of run off. FT Island actually took time to speak to us and say their goodbyes. It makes the fans feel like they are worth the time, y’know? Just simple things like that. Primadonnas are lucky to have such a great group of guys. I hope I get to see FT Island again in the future. I promise I’ll actually say something next time!

Here’s some picture for you all to enjoy. I’m especially a big fan of any ones containing bunny ears.


Korean Make-up Review: Part Deux

Time for yet another make-up review. It’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these, and in the mean time I’ve picked up a few cosmetics that I like quite a bit.

CC (Color Control) Cream – The Face Shop

This is a nice alternative to BB Cream. Actually I like it a lot better than the past base creams that I’ve used. It goes on very smooth and I feel like the color does’t make me look to ghost-like. It’s a shame the case it a bit bulky, so it’s not something I’d carry around. Still, I definitely approve of this one. It’s normally around 24,900 won unless you can get it on sale.

I don’t know if it always comes with theย Aqua CC starter, but I got one with mine.


Coffee Creamy Color Fit Shadow – Skin Food

A nice eye shadow set of neutral colors. I don’t usually wear shadows that are very flashy, so I liked this set. Not sure why they put purple in there, but it works all right with the browns (which blend nicely).


Magic Tint Balm – Etude House

You can almost always pic out what products come from Etude House because the packaging is almost always very cutesy. Nonetheless I can’t resist the cutey charms! This tint is #02 Magic Pink. Very bright, very fun, but careful not to put too much on. My only qualm for tints in general is the residue that gets left over if you use your finger as the applicator. Oh well.


Shea Butter Hand Lotion – Skin Food

Simple product, but does the job. It goes on smooth, isn’t smelly, and is very effective. ย I think one of the best hand lotions I’ve picked up here.


Cutey-Beauty Perfume Bar #1 – Tony Moly

This little guy is a lifesaver. I went for the cottony/baby powder scent. I try not to get perfumes that are too flowery. You don’t want to give people around you a headache. This one is also great for travel or just running around doing errands. Also great if you have to take public transportation after going to the gym.


GIVEAWAY!ย (ohmahgerhd!)

I’ve been wanting to do a giveaway for awhile. Now I’ve finally built up enough of something to give out. ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ve got all these perfectly nice make-up samples to give away. Take a peek:

IMG_0372 IMG_0374

I will also let you pick out a nail polish from one of these fine stores. I’ll package it all up and send it off to one of you lovely folks out there. Just leave a comment on the video or here in the blog. Of course I encourage you to share this with the internets. I’ll put the names into a randomizer and pick 2 winners.

The deadline is December 19thย 11:59 PM (KST).

Hope you liked my review. If you have any questions about make-up or Korea in general I’ll do my best to find an answer. Ask away!