Gringos Korea: burrito delivery!

There’s plenty of good food to be had in Korea. While I don’t eat Korean food all the time, save for at work, I do enjoy it. But sometimes you get cravings for the food you like back home. “Ah, I could really go for some Mexican food about now,” you think one day. If you’re lucky enough to live in a big city you may find a restaurant that sells such food. The thing is they tend to be a bit pricey. While in the U.S. a burrito might set you back around $6 at Chipotle or Qdoba, here they may run between $12-18 (and they’re smaller too).

But fear not, friends! Gringos Korea has got you covered. I learned about them by word-of-mouth. Two guys, Mike and Mark, working out of Ilsan having been cooking up food for fellow expats for a couple years (at least as long as I’ve been here).

Everything is made for scratch and delicious. They have 6 kinds of burritos – chicken, ancho carnitas (pulled pork), carne asada (steak), tofu, bacon breakfast burrito, and chorizo breakfast burrito. They all range between 5,500 – 7,000 won. They are all, also, quite yummy. I’m a fan of the pork and breakfast burritos.

They also have bean n’ cheese dip, salsa, and chili which go for 5,500 won each. I honestly recommend everything especially the chili. Nothing like a cup of chili when it’s chilly out.

You might be thinking, “Mail order burritos? Whaaaaat?”. I too was somewhat confused, but it’s pretty nifty. They send all orders out Monday and guarantee next-day delivery. Your delectable package will arrive in a styrofoam container like mine below.


(Aww they even send a few sweets along with it.)

You can freeze your order right away or throw it in the fridge. I personally put it in the fridge because a) they re-heat better and b) they only last a couple days in my house. I can’t resist gobbling them up ASAP.


Take a gander at the carnitas burrito and bean dip I had today. Very satisfying!

Ordering is simple. You can email them at or hit them up via message on Facebook – ‘Gringosburritos’. Final order day for the week is every Thursday, so try to get them in early. You pay via bank transfer, and them give them your mailing address and phone number. Then all you have to do it wait. That is probably the hardest part. It’s well worth it though.

You also have to order a minimum of 6 items, but that’s pretty easy to do too. If it seems a bit much for you I recommend ordering items and having a dinner party with friends. I did that before and you will definitely have some grateful amigos if you feed them this yummy food.

Check them out at Gringos Korea.

Happy eating!

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