If there’s one great thing about Korea it’s gotta be the food delivery options. There are oh so many to choose from. Chinese? No problem. Fried chicken? Easy peasy! McDonalds? Heck yes.

Now I haven’t done much with delivery on my own because I don’t have a lot of confidence using Korean over the phone. I usually just do take-out. But then I was clued in on a site called Yogiyo. I believe it’s a play of the phrase 여기요, although they spell it 요기요. In restaurants if you want to get the server’s attention then you say “yeogiyo!” (Excuse me/over here).

Anyway Yogiyo is great because it’s all online. You do need to be able to read some Korean, but I’d say it’s fairly easy to understand. You choose your city and district/neighborhood and it’ll find restaurants in your area that’ll deliver. I’d say the difficult part is knowing the name of the dish you want in Korean, but if you’re just getting chicken or pizza than no big deal.

The nice thing is you don’t need to sign up for it either. You just put in your address and phone number, and *yay!* food!.


Choose your city & neighborhood

Put in your address & phone number

Put in your address & phone number

Last Friday I ordered pizza from Pizza Alvolo (피자알볼로), which I actually hadn’t heard of till then.



I got this in about 40 minutes and it cost me 24,000 won. Unfortunately pizza is pretty pricey in Korea. Some places are cheaper than this, but this was my option later at night.



I got the bacon cheddar large pizza with breadsticks. The breadsticks were hot and crispy plus they came with marinara sauce. I don’t see them too often so I rather enjoyed it although they we’re fairly plain. The pizza was good too. I didn’t like the onion on it, but it wasn’t that bad. I thought the crust was whole wheat, but it was actually a kind of purplish color so I’m not sure. Still, when it’s after 10 PM and you don’t have anything to cook then I’d say this was a decent meal.

For Yogiyo you can pay cash or by card. Also, unlike in the U.S., you don’t have to tip the delivery guy. Not so great for him, but nice for us.

I really recommend using this site if you’re phone-shy like me. It takes the hassle out of things and you end up with yummy food. Win-win!

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