December Kpop Giveaway


I’m back again with a December giveaway. I’ve been waiting to do this one for about a year, since I had already done a giveaway last December.

I have an copy of EXO’s “Miracles in December” and also 2 posters — which unfortunately got a little beaten up on the edge because they came back with me from Korea.

Anyway! Here’s how you can enter:

– Comment below on the YouTube video or here in the blog post.
– Tell me your favorite thing about winter & if you have a favorite winter Kpop song

– Giveaway closes Dec 19 11:59 PM (US Central time)
– 3 names will be picked via name generator
– Open to anyone, anywhere 🙂
– Make sure your YT/email notifications are on, because I’ll contact the winners either thru reply or message.

Good luck!

(btw here’s one of my favorite winter songs by Urban Zakapa)

13 thoughts on “December Kpop Giveaway

  1. I’m never had experience winter in my country but for me,when I’m watching on television (about winter) I think if I can experience winter,my favourite things about winter are snow falls , I can play snow fight ,built a snowmen,skating,get present and drink hot chocolate ..My favourite winter song is Miracle in December from Exo..

  2. Annyeong~ hmmm, since i live in Philippines, I never got to experience making snow angels or snow man. But despite of this, the weather tends to go cold, and during this time of the year, mornings and nights are pretty chilly~ My favorite things about ‘winter’ are the cold breeze, the Christmas vibe, the family gatherings, and most of all, music. I remembered last year when EXO’s MID was released. It was very heartfelt >_< Though it was sad and yearning, the cold and deep sense of the music pierced my heart. I will never be able to forget that one. 😀 Another thing is when I walk on the side of the road, with the chilly air, while thinking or reminiscing about the events for the entire year. It's really nice~ My favorite winter song is, of course, EXO's Miracles in December….However, I've got a feeling that a certain winter song will move up…though, it's not yet released…hehe, excited for EXO's DECEMBER, 2014~

  3. Heyho ^-^/
    This questions are kinda hard just can’t cose o.o
    I love Winter generally, how the nature looks with all the snow, the smell of baking cookies ~(*•*~), making everything pretty christmas like and for sure spending time with my family. And for sure couse of my birthday! (/^○^)/
    Favorit Kpop Christmas song is MID from EXO!
    I don’t know a lot other christmas songs couse I finaly joint janurary this year and Miracels in december was one of my first Kpop songs I heard I listen it a lot couse it means a lot to me ♡

    Btw your such a cute and lovely girl♡
    And sry for my english. ^-^’

    Best christmas wishes, much love and warm heard hugs from Germany (/^-^)/\(^-^\)

  4. My favorite thing about winter is all of the senses (see, hear, smell, taste, and touch) but especially it brings people together. In contrast to the cold, loneliness weather there would be a warm feeling filled with happiness. People are on break and things end, so a new year could arrive. I also love the scenery of winter with Christmas decorations!
    My favorite winter Kpop song is Miracles In December by EXO, but recently it’s Love is You by Starship Planet.

  5. Hi 🙂 We don’t have winter season in our country. However, the thing I like about winter is White Christmas and being able to reasonably wear sweatshirts and hoodies 🙂 My favorite winter songs are “Miracle in December” by EXO and “Love Falls” by CNBLUE’s Lee Jonghyun and Juniel. Thanks for the giveaway and happy holidays 🙂

  6. Coming from Canada, Winnipeg to be exact, winter can be pretty interesting. Just last year our temperature reached its all time high after a century or so. Which was colder than the surface of Mars and the North Pole, yeahp pretty amazing eh? xD I have never been a fan of the cold but winter truly gathers my family together, we have our annual family reunion, where my relatives from the US would come visit us here in the North for a week or two. And it’s just a fun holiday, hanging out with cousins. We would go skating and go around downtown trying out food that they have never eaten before haha 🙂 It’s fun, that’s what I like about winter despite it being so cold and chilly ^^

    Thank you for the giveaway! 🙂

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