Got7 Fan Meeting in Chicago

I had an amazing time last weekend. Y’know why? Because I got to see Got7 in person in Chicago!

I drove down by myself Friday afternoon. I knew I wouldn’t be near the front of the line because when I woke up at 9 that morning I saw on Facebook that about 50-60 fans were already in line. Wow! That’s dedication. By the time I arrived at 2 the line went around the block. Just over 200 fans were already ahead of me. I had the pleasure of sitting near some nice gals (2 from Milwaukee like me) as we all waited. Some fans were playing music, others were handing out fanclub photos of the boys and hearts that said “Got7” for us to hold up, and a couple filmed videos.

We had to endure some rain for quite awhile. Still, we waited knowing we would be treated to a great show once we were in. Rain (and poor management by the promoter Jazzy Group) could not dampen spirits for too long once we were in and the boys took the stage. Got7 kicked the evening with “Stop Stop It”. I almost couldn’t believe I was seeing them live. They looked like they were having a lot of fun (especially Mark, I noticed). You can tell these guys aren’t rookies anymore — they got it down! They also did “Gimme” and then moved into the talk segment with the MC. They got typical questions like “What do you think of Chicago?” and “what do you want to do while you’re here?”. They also picked fan questions/requests which mostly involved plenty of fan service like singing and sexy dancing. Some very lucky fans got to play Musical Chairs after the Q&A, and the luckiest 2 got some prizes as well as a photo with the group.

Next, they sang “Forever Young” and “너란 Girl (Magnetic)”. We got some more fun talk time with them and the MC (who did a killer job btw). Fans then surprised Bam Bam/the group with a cake. The cake was intended for the whole group, but it also ended up being another birthday surprise for Bam Bam. This was followed by another fan game they dubbed “Identify”. Blindfolded fans had to identify who their secret group member was just by voice. The boys did not make it easy at all! They could have whispered or talked, but they all made random noises….or just breathed haha. One clever fan got it right, though, and guessed Bam Bam.

I felt like the evening went by in a flash because they were already saying the meeting was almost over. Oh noes! They finished up with “A” and luckily came out for an encore. No way they could go without performing “Girls Girls Girls” (my favorite). Then I was delighted and surprised by their group performance of JJ Project’s “Bounce”! We were treated to one more song for the remix of “A”. Then it was truly time to say farewells. How sad!

I can’t believe the whole thing went by so fast. I was so happy to see a group that I’ve liked for awhile, and I was very happy to see how much they all enjoyed performing. Honestly you could tell how much they liked doing what they do. I only hope I don’t have to wait too long to see them in person again.

On to the photos!

(*please do not re-post pictures or remove watermarks. Thank you!)

Thanks to Got7 for being so wonderful. Thanks to all the IGot7s at the event who kept me company and fangirled with me. You guys are great!

SISTAR in Daejeon

Couple weeks ago there was a mini concert in Daejeon sponsored by Hana Bank. Sistar, DJ DOC, Huh Gak, and 2AM all came to perform as well as a few local folks. I do have some pictures and videos for the other folks, but for now this is a SISTAR post. 🙂

I saw them once before in Daejeon at the Chin Chin Star Festival. That was also the festival that Park Jimin of 15& won before she went on Kpop Star (my post of it is here – I did have one pic of Jimin but it’s not in the post for some reason. :\ ). Side story/fun fact: Jimin actually helped me friend and I out perform that concert. We were sort of confused as to where to go and a little lost, and in perfect English she’s all “Hey do you need some help?”. So thanks for the help, Jimin!

Anyway back to Sistar. They performed 4 songs – Give It To Me, Loving U, Alone, and Ma Boy. Major props to them because it was already so dang hot that night, and they were performing under those hot lights on top of that. Check out 2 of the songs here ~

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10th Chin Chin Star Festival

Last Saturday the Chin Chin Star Festival hosted by CMB was held in Daejeon. Thanks to my friend and dedicated U-KISS fan – a.k.a. Kiss Mes – Rebecca (check out her blog A Blog Abroad in the sidebar) I found out about this event. How lucky am I! It was held right by City Hall, so it’s really close to my place.

It was supposed to start at 7 PM, but my friend Ray and I rolled up around 5 because I knew if idols were performing then surely the place would fill up. We didn’t really know if we needed a ticket, so we wandered around for a little trying to figure it out. We walked up to a girl who we assumed was staff and tried to convey what we wanted. Turns out she spoke excellent English with no accent (honestly that kind of thing is a surprise). She told us it was free, so we got pretty decent seats not too far from the front.

The Chin Chin Star Festival isn’t just a chance for idols to perform, but it’s also a competition for singers/performers who dream of making it big. All of the singers were amazing, and it turns out the girl who helped us was one of them! Not only was she a great singer, but she’s only 14! O.o I was kind of shocked.

Between competitors we got to see famous groups like: Boohwal, Koyote, No Brain, Sunny Hill, Sistar, IU, and U-KISS. It was really cool seeing all of these people live.  I had a great time watching everyone – famous or not. 🙂