K-pop Exercise Playlist

Hi ho, my lovelies!

Now that the weather is finally nice here I’m going out for runs more and more. I also go to the gym, but I prefer being outside. πŸ™‚

So I’m bringing my Top 10 K-pop songs on my workout playlist. I have English songs and J-pop on my playlist too, but K-pop takes up the most space. Here are some of my favs:

1. 2pm – Electricity (220 v mix)

2. GD & TOP – High High

3. SHINee – Lucifer

4. f(x) – Hot Summer

5. Mighty Mouth – La La La (feat. Soyu)

6. Epik High – 따라해 (Wannabe)

7. ZE:A – Watch Out!!

8. Brown Eyed Girls – Sixth Sense

9. 2NE1 – Crush

10. DJ Masa – 2NE1/C&C Music Factory – Gonna Make You THE BEST


I think in terms of groups SHINee, Big Bang, and 2NE1 have a lot of really good songs for working out. SHINee especially! I like stuff with a powerful beat to get me going. Since making this video though I added some more songs. 15&’s “Sugar” works surprising well!

What are your favorite songs to work out to? I love hearing new music, so recommend some to me. πŸ™‚

History fan sign in Daejeon

Hello and Happy New Year!

Hope everyone is doing well and staying warm. I got to go home to the Midwest for vacation, so I too got to enjoy the wonderful -50 F weather a few weeks ago. Fun, right? πŸ˜€

Anyway I’m back again with another fan sign post. I got to see History for the 2nd time. This is the 1st time that I’ve been to the same group’s fan sign more than once. I really do like this group. I’d love to see them snag a #1 someday.

The event was at the Daejeon Jung-gu Cultural Center. It was a nice theater space was comfy seating. I got there about 1 hour early, hoping to be a bit closer to the front. Turns out I should’ve been there earlier. I was #75 out of 100 fans. The other Storias knew better I guess! I passed the time getting organized and writing my Post-It note questions for each member. I’d never done that before and I was blanking on questions, but I managed to come up with stuff. It took my awhile though because I wanted the Korean is be as grammatically correct as I could. γ… γ…  Not always easy for me…

We didn’t have to wait too long because they got there a little earlier than the start time. I really love the blue suits the had on. Last time I saw them the outfit were mint green. I much prefer these. They got the fan sign underway and we all waited our turn. Sometimes I wish I had one of those cameras with the massive lenses like other fans do. I could see the really nice close-ups they were capturing. Still, I managed to get some nice photos and video with my Sony NEX.

I was really surprised at the pacing of the event. Normally you don’t get much time to talk as the staff/managers are pushing you along. This usually has to do with a group having to keep to their schedules. In our case, though, they were being really generous with time. Most fans moved on their own at a good pace and the staff weren’t too pushy with their “move ons”.

When it was my turn I grabbed my CD and gift for Do Kyun (another 1st for me – just a note, hand cream, and chocolate). First was Yijeong. The greeting were the usual “Hello. Where are you from?” in Korean. Then we went over my post-it. It said “Yijeong is ~” A. Handsome B. Sexy C. Cute . I wanted him to pick, but he motioned for me to choose first. I circled ‘A. Handsome’. He kinda raised his eyebrows and then circled the other 2 as well. :3

Next was Jaeho. He made every attempt to speak as much English as he could. I was kind of answering 1/2 English 1/2 Korean so we were sort of awkward together haha. His post-it said “Jaeho ~ which member in History is the funniest?”. He circled Si Hyung. I wonder if he’s extra goofy when out of the public eye?

Leader Kyung Il was next. He is just too good-looking in person. I mean, damn. It’s kinda not fair! I didn’t like the bleached hair at first, but it looks nice up close. [My conversations are pretty much all the same for every person/Kpop group by the way – What’s your name? Where are you from? Are you student? etc.] Kyung Il’s note said ” Kyung Il ~ can I be your English tutor? :P” A. Yes~ μ„ μƒλ‹˜! B. Nope. Of course he circles “Yes” cuz it’d be kinda cruel to say “no”. πŸ˜›

Do Kyun was after. He’s kinda my bias for the group so that’s why I only had a gift for him. He said I spoke Korean well which I denied, but it’s still nice to hear. His note read “Do Kyun ~ how about foreign girls? Do you like me? ^^” A. Not really… B. They [you’re] okay C. Yes! They’re my ideal type D. [You/They’re] Pretty. He circled C & D haha. Again it’s just fan service, but still nice to hear.

Last was Si Hyung. He asked, in English, “Hello. Where are you from?”, but Do Kyun interrupted “Hey she’s really good at Korean”. And I’m all “Nooooo *^^*”. Si Hyung tried to speak English too. He was a bit unsure (like last time), but it’s very cute. His post-it said “Si Hyung ~ if I teach you English will you teach me Korean?” and he wrote “Of course!”.

I was giddy leaving the stage. There’s usually some point during a Β fan sign when I get super awkward because of speaking Korean, but I felt pretty confident when I was talking to all of them. I think it helps having seen the group before and having those post-it questions ready. It gave me a topic kinda lined up in case the conversation dropped off. Plus it doesn’t hurt when the group is so nice.

I wish I lived in Seoul since fan signs here are so few and far between. There are fans who go to each of the cities to try and get into each event. I actually talked to a Storia from Seoul who had been to all the the cities for the signing (Busan, Daegu, Daejeon, and Seoul). That takes some really dedication! Traveling, buying CDs, and all that. It’s a big investment or your time and money. But I’m content to see who I can here and enjoy it when I’m able. It’s all fun. πŸ™‚


ohhappydae’s photostream on Flickr.

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F.T. Island fan sign

I sure lucked out with fan signs recently! I managed to win the lottery for FT Island’s fan sign a couple weeks back. I always rather liked FTI, ever since “Bing Bing Bing” (‘Cross & Change’ is still a really good album btw).

It was held at the Christian Broadcasting Center in Daejeon (which is why Hongki was saying “Amen amen” in my fan cam haha). It was a nice space and I was happy to not be outside. I don’t know if groups have fan events outside these days, but they do during summer. I prefer indoors. πŸ˜›

Anyway they didn’t make us wait to long once we were inside. I managed to get there early enough to be in the 2nd row. We were all waiting for the boys to come out and the girl next to me nudges me and points to a door on the stage. A blond head was peeking through the doorway. Lots of squeals ensue, but as Hongki walked alone onstage he shushed everyone. Everyone is sort of giggling and muffling their happy squealy noises. Hongki just sat down quietly, smirking a bit. Still lots of giggling and camera shutter sounds as we wait for the rest of FTI. The other came out shortly after.

They talked a little at the start and the fan sign got under way. Not long into it the staff told us to stop talking pictures. I didn’t know why at first and thought it was really weird because usually no one cares. It turned out FNC was filming stuff for their YouTube channel so they probably didn’t want interference with that. Fair enough. It was annoying though because Hongki and Jaejin were wearing bunny ears and I wanted to get a good shot. γ… γ…  Β I’m sure there are Primadonnas out there that got some better shots than me though.

All of the members were nice. I was in such a kind of awe and shock seeing them in front of me that I honestly forgot how to speak. I barely managed to get out simple English. Actually I was so nervous in front of Hongki. I said “Thank you very much” and he kinda laughed, turned to Jonghoon and repeated “Thank you very much”. Β γ… γ…  Hongki… don’t make fun of me.

I regret not being able to really say anything to them. But nonetheless I enjoyed the event. I liked that the members seemed relaxed and easy to approach. I like that they actually looked at fans’ gifts and played with them. I liked that the managers/staff didn’t take off the gifts they wore like the bunny ears, necklace, and the beret. I liked that they talked a lot at the end. Usually groups are so busy that they just say “Thanks” and kind of run off. FT Island actually took time to speak to us and say their goodbyes. It makes the fans feel like they are worth the time, y’know? Just simple things like that. Primadonnas are lucky to have such a great group of guys. I hope I get to see FT Island again in the future. I promise I’ll actually say something next time!

Here’s some picture for you all to enjoy. I’m especially a big fan of any ones containing bunny ears.


U-KISS fan sign

Been a while since I went to a fan sign. I think the last one was History back in spring. I’ve liked U-KISS for a few years, but haven’t had much of a chance to see them live.

The boys are so nice! Unfortunately they were about 30 minutes late (which they apologized for). Since they had a schedule to adhere to the event was really fast. It ended in less than an hour! The staff really pushed us through, so I had to speak really fast to the boys.

Of course, them having members who can speak Korean and English made it easier for me. I usually can only say something really basic in Korean to idols like “It’s nice to meet you”, “I think you’re cool/handsome” (lol), etc. So it’s nice to be able to say something a bit more normal.

My short encounters with each member:

Kevin – Such a sweetie. I wish I had another minute or so to talk with him.

Kiseop – Totally chill. Very much the ulljang/ikemen/prince type.

Eli – Also chill but in a different way. Like I was all “Hey man how’s it goin’?”. Just a guy you can talk to.

Hoon – Oh, you cutie. He asked me, in Korean, “Do you like Hoon?”. I said “Yes yes. I like you a lot. You’re very cool keke” (λ„€ λ„€. λ„ˆ~무 μ’‹μ•„ν•΄μš”. λ„ˆ~무 λ©‹μžˆλ‹€ γ…‹γ…‹).

AJ – Asked me where I was from, in English. I said Wisconsin and I saw that blank look that every gets when I say that, so I said “Uh y’know kinda near Chicago”.
“Ohh okay. See you in Wisconsin”.
Haha yeah okay, AJ. That’s be cool, but unlikely.

Soohyun – When I said I’m from America he said “I love you” and then kind of buried his face in his hands, all embarrassed. Aw don’t worry. You did a good job, leader.

Really too bad this went so fast, but I was happy to have the chance to meet them. I hope they come back to Daejeon. Hurry up, guys! I’m waiting.


U-KISS fan sign, a set on Flickr

Bounce! Bounce!

Well, I did somewhat promise photos from the JJ Project fan sign that I went to, so here I am.

In terms of getting in, it’s like I wrote in the previous post: Buy a CD, get into a lotto, if they pick your name you show up with your CD at the event. I didn’t really doubt that Michelle and I would get in. Daejeon is big, but not that big.

We showed up at the outdoor site in which JR and JB were on stage, and the fans were sitting in lawn chairs. I got there late because of work, so I was at the end of the line. The whole thing is pretty efficient. They let you up row by row, and everyone waits for their turn. You don’t get tons of time to talk – maybe 2-3 minutes tops. You can give gifts, but members don’t usually get time to look at it right away for more than a glance. The event staff whisked all gifts and put them into boxes.

It was my first fan sign, so I was somewhat nervous. My Korean is okay, but I get shy when I have to speak. It was fine though, and the boys tried to speak English as well.

I wish I had been a little closer so I could’ve gotten better photos, but it was still good. I guess the secret is to show up early so I can get a closer seat.

Dalmatian fan sign

Last month my friend Michelle and I went to our first fan signs. There were actually 3 in one week here in Daejeon: Teen Top, JJ Project, and Dalmatian. I have a few photos from the previous two (which I suppose I ought to have posted first πŸ˜› ).

The process of getting into the fan sign was fairly easy. I found that one of the local CD shops had an online notice board where they post events like these. Up to 2 days before the actually sign you can buy a CD with a chance to attend. It’s usually lottery based though for Dalmatian they just gave us a ticket the day we bought the CD. For JJ Project they posted the winning names online. I imagine in a bigger city like Seoul it gets harder to go to these things because a lot of the fanbase is there. So far, in Daejeon, we got in easily.


Fans waiting to see Dalmatian

We showed up at the specified time with our CDs and tickets in hand. A staff member comes around to make sure you have both.

From there on it’s just a lot of standing, looking at the group, taking photos, and listening to the squeals of fangirls (though we did see 2 boys there at the end).

I was slightly less nervous than when we went to JJ Project. Probably because I knew 2 members – Daniel and Simon – could speak English. I didn’t say a lot to Inati, but maybe that’s ‘cuz he was the first person I talked to. Jeesu asked if I had eaten – “λ°₯을 λ¨Ήμ—ˆμ–΄μš”?” – which is sort of a standard thing to ask a person haha. I was more at ease with Daniel, who was real sweet. When I mentioned I was from Wisconsin he told me Simon had a few friends there which gave me something to talk about. Youngwon didn’t say a lot but he was pretty cute. He wrote “OMG! WOW!” on my CD haha. Simon was also real nice and wrote “I like Wisconsin” in Korean on my CD. πŸ™‚

I like the way this one was set-up compared to JJ Project which was outside. The fan sign being in the shop allowed everyone to take decent pictures without smothering the boys. The outside sign had the groups on a stage and fans down in chairs which felt just a touch far (not that far, but couldn’t get great pictures there).

I was also very pleased with the way all the fans & Dalmates acted. Everyone stayed in line and acted appropriately. Yeah, some followed the van as it was leaving, but there wasn’t any pushing or anything, as far as I saw, and everyone listened to the store staff pretty well.

I’ll be happy to keep supporting Dalmatian in the future. I like the last single and all the guys were very kind. I really enjoyed the fan sign.Β λ‹¬λ§ˆμ‹œμ•ˆ ν™”μ΄νŒ…!

(Some of the better pics I took. Hope you like ’em!)

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10th Chin Chin Star Festival

Last Saturday the Chin Chin Star Festival hosted by CMB was held in Daejeon. Thanks to my friend and dedicated U-KISS fan – a.k.a. Kiss Mes – Rebecca (check out her blog A Blog Abroad in the sidebar) I found out about this event. How lucky am I! It was held right by City Hall, so it’s really close to my place.

It was supposed to start at 7 PM, but my friend Ray and I rolled up around 5 because I knew if idols were performing then surely the place would fill up. We didn’t really know if we needed a ticket, so we wandered around for a little trying to figure it out. We walked up to a girl who we assumed was staff and tried to convey what we wanted. Turns out she spoke excellent English with no accent (honestly that kind of thing is a surprise). She told us it was free, so we got pretty decent seats not too far from the front.

The Chin Chin Star Festival isn’t just a chance for idols to perform, but it’s also a competition for singers/performers who dream of making it big. All of the singers were amazing, and it turns out the girl who helped us was one of them! Not only was she a great singer, but she’s only 14! O.o I was kind of shocked.

Between competitors we got to see famous groups like: Boohwal, Koyote, No Brain, Sunny Hill, Sistar, IU, and U-KISS. It was really cool seeing all of these people live. Β I had a great time watching everyone – famous or not. πŸ™‚