Dino Meat Grill House

My friends, I have found a wonderful place. A place where, for 15,000 won (about $15 US), you shall not leave hungry. That place is Dino Meat Grill House (공룡고기) here in Daejeon.


My co-workers told me about this place, and we all readily agreed to go after work this week. After a short walk from our place in Wolpyeong, we arrived at Dino. Interestingly, it’s right by a golfing range (cage? I dunno but it was fenced of by giant netting).

Like quite a few restaurants in Korea it’s a sit on the ground affair. I actually kind of like these places and if you figure out a good way to sit it’s not too uncomfortable. All seven of us sat down and, along with the usual countless side dishes, we were given 4 metal plates. In the front was a case with the meat in it (not unlike the kind in a deli or butcher shop), and you are free to pick whatever your heart desires.

The “meat buffet”

Now here’s the great part: you grill is all yourself. This is actually fairly common here. There are many restaurants with grills at the table. It’s great socially, you don’t have to wait for sunny weather to cook outside, and you don’t have to do any of the clean up!

I quickly went over and picked up a fair amount of beef. I found, though, that I didn’t pick up nearly as much as my friends. I would have piled it on if I had known better.

Ready to grill!

I love grilling here. You pick how much you want it cooked. There’s sauces to dip meat in. You can make your own lettuce wraps or grill kimchi, garlic, or onions. Heck, just pick it up right from the grill and eat it! The staff will usually come over at least once to change the grill plate to a fresh one, or get your fresh coals if you need it.

I found myself flagging sooner in the meal than I wanted, but each bite was so delicious. I just wanted to keep eating, and for just 15,000 won it was such a steal. I don’t know how they can do that (wholesale butcher or something?), but I love them for it.


You can bet we all will be going back very soon!

If you’re living in Daejeon and want a piece of the action, I’ve included a map of sorts. Not exactly detailed, but I marked  Wolpyeong and Galma station, and Time World. It’s pretty straight forward from there. Enjoy!

map to Dino

 Another map

Here’s another map via Naver Maps. I recommend having both that and Google Maps on your phone. Sometimes you get better results searching on Naver (and using Korean). I usually walk to Dino because I live so close, but you can get close-ish if you take buses 101,105,107,116 and get off at 갈마1동주민센터 and just walk roughly 5-10 minutes.

Address:  공룡고기

대전광역시 서구 갈마동 338-1