Nami Island & Cheongpyeong Temple

Last week I went on a business trip with my co-workers to check out other English camps to see how the operate. We can’t do all the things those places do mostly because they are situational-based (like, having classrooms that look like stores, restaurants, etc.).

Anyway other than visiting the camps we got to sightsee a bit on the way. We went to Nami Island (남이섬). Nami is a very small, but pretty island near Gapyeong. If your a fan of the drama Winter Sonata (which I must admit I’ve never seen) they filmed parts of it there. You can walk down tree paths, rent a bike, or take the electric car tour. There are restaurants like Di Matteo which specializes in pizza. A bit expensive like most pizza in Korea, but very tasty and much more Italian-style than the chain stores. There are also many small shops to buy souvenirs and some artist studios to visit. I picked up a nice pair of glass earrings from a glass artist.

We stayed in the Naminara Hotel (a.k.a. Jeonggwanru Hotel) which was a dream honestly. Our room was small, but very clean and artsy. They have traditional heated floors and our bedding was also laid out on the floor. I was quite comfortable and warm the whole night. They also offer breakfast in the hotel. Not extravagant but still filling. We also had the treat of seeing a wild ostrich walk up to the window while we were eating. Oh yes, the island has wild ostriches. Crazy right?

I highly recommend making your way out to Nami Island if you have the opportunity.

As for Cheongpyeong Temple, it was interesting to see and not a difficult hike at all. I always enjoy seeing different temples. They each have their own sort of personality. However, I wouldn’t go out of my way to go here. If you are in Chuncheon in Gangwon province then, by all means, take a look.

If you are in Chuncheon, though, make your way to Dakgalbi Street. It was really the best dakgalbi I’ve had since I came here. Before I would have awarded that honor to a place here in Daejeon, but by the end of the meal it’s too spicy for me. The dakgalbi in Chuncheon was just right. Actually there are 3 things you should eat if you are in Chuncheon – dakgalbi, makguksu (buckwheat noodles in chilled broth), and potatoes. Don’t go without eating those!

In Chuncheon we stayed at the Sejong Hotel. A little step down from our stay in Nami Island. Don’t get me wrong – it was clean, warm, and not far from restaurants and such. It’s just that the interior is very dated. I felt like I stepped back in time or something. All things concerned, though, that’s not a huge deal so it was fine in the end.

Monday we actually have one more work trip. We’re headed to Daegu and Busan, with a few stops on the way. I’ll make sure to report back here!

More photos at my Flickr page 🙂