Cola flavor Cheetos taste test!

Today I decided to give cola flavored Cheetos a try.

Korea has a lot of interesting snacks to try. I’d seen these Cheetos on the shelf before, but I couldn’t bring myself to try them. I wondered if they were the same one that MyArgonauts Jason had reviewed, and that I later tasted in Japan. Yep they were.

I can’t say these are the tastiest snack I’ve ever had. For one thing they are sweet. Cheetos shouldn’t be sweet! Then there’s the cola flavor which is just plain odd. I didn’t really feel like finishing the bag. They’re more of a “I dare you to eat that” kind of snack.

Also, I just remembered the ones in Japan were labeled as a Pepsi snack, but I don’t recall anything on the Korean bag saying anything about that. Maybe because Pepsi isn’t that big here? (It’s actually cheaper than Coca-Cola)

I say keep the Cheetos and Pepsi separate. And for the love of God someone please bring plain old cheesey Cheetos to Korea. I would be ever so grateful.