Collabing with Talk To Me In Korean

Hey, guys! Hope you’re beating the summer heat.

I wanted to post about a couple of videos that I did in March with the folks at Talk To Me In Korean. I met most of the TTMIK crew about 3 years ago at Seoul Tube. I was pretty shy about going to the event seeing as I was just starting about blogging/vlogging and so many people there had successful channels already. But I gotta say everyone was super nice! I’m so glad I went because I met many great friends there. Among them were the TTMIK peeps.

Jumping ahead to March of this year, I invited them to my going-away party in Seoul. They were kind enough to attend, and before Hyunwoo left he invited me to help out with a few of their videos. I was honored! Even before I moved to Korea I had been using TTMIK’s site and videos to study Korean. I was more than happy to take part.

Luckily I finished my job at that point so I was able to come up on a weekday to Seoul. I had the privilege of going to the TTMIK office, which I hadn’t visited before. It’s quite nice!

I was a bit nervous about filming because they’re pros, but it was really fun. 🙂 I’m so happy I did it!

First, here’s an “Ask Hyojin” vid where we talk about living outside of Seoul.

Then I did one with Hyunwoo for the Talk To Me In English channel. This was the hardest one! It was difficult thinking up example sentences on the fly.

And the last one was for “If Korean Idioms Were Real”. I was a bit worried about my pronunciation (and acting lol), but it turned out fine — probably cuz Seokjin is good at editing.


I really hope I have the chance to do collabs with them again. It was so fun and I made some nice memories too. TTMIK친구들~고마워요!